Invest In The Future

A Investment Platform Built on Blockchain to Connect Investors with Early Stage startups, Pre-IPO Startups or Any Crowdfunding Projects

Invest in Any Startups or Projects, Local or International

Discover and Invest any Startups, Persons, Ideas or Projects. explore every detail about the team, product or the company history. Windo will recommend you to choose a better investment opportunities.

Safer than SAFE or Convertible Notes

Your data and privacy are our highest priority. All the investment transactions will be saved on a Blockchain network. You can keep your shares, stocks or contracts or sell them.

Decentralized Investment Platform for All Investors

Windo will let anyone around the globe to invest in future unicorns. so everyone can become an angel investor. You can review other investors comments or discussions

Join the Waitlist

Join our waitlist today. We will onboard limited amount of early bird users. first 1000 members will get early access. You can use our referral program to join our VIP members and receive 10 free shares.


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